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Hello, it’s a great honour and joy to have you here.

I’m Nelia, the Art & Soul Purpose Life Coach, a multi-passionate creative solopreneur. Also a wife, mom to two great humans, and a first-generation Portuguese Canadian. I was certified as a spiritual life coach through the Dharma Coaching Institute (DCI) in 2022 and have been coaching for nearly two years. I am currently pursuing an art therapy certification.

It all started for me when I found my family dynamic changing before me and I was struggling to find my place. My children growing up and the loss of my parents, had me feeling like there needs to be more to my life, so I began searching for more. I started on a spiritually inspired path, seeking personal development through self-help workshops, books, and podcasts for guidance on how to nourish my soul. The pain of loss has taught me the fragility of life and the importance of embracing every moment. It served as a wake-up call, urging me to break free from the constraints that held me back and to pursue a life that aligns with my true desires and passions. I realized that waiting for the "right time" or dwelling on fears only perpetuates a sense of entrapment.

I have made the courageous decision to liberate myself from self-imposed limitations, allowing me to live authentically and savour the beauty of life. In doing so, I've come to appreciate the profound truth that life is indeed too short to be anything but true to oneself and to experience the boundless freedom that comes with embracing the full spectrum of what life has to offer.

During the unprecedented pandemic and lock-downs of 2020, when I was forced to spend time with myself and really reflect. It was the best medicine and I believe the universe nudged me along to where I came upon the Dharma Coaching Institute. I learned about the DCI certification during an episode of the Highest Self with Sahara Rose podcast, and I heard my soul whisper "YES, that’s it!" (not literally) so, I followed my intuition. It has been the one thing that brings my mind, body, and soul back into balance with the feeling of more purpose.

I recognized that I was passionate about inspiring and empowering other women to live more aligned with their soul’s purpose. I love witnessing the transformation and it’s very rewarding to see women become happier, more confident, and better equipped to deal with challenges in their lives.

I made the difficult decision to resign from my full-time corporate job in marketing to create more time and space for my new path. Despite having a successful 20 year career as a graphic designer, I found that working full time hindered my ability to fully express my creative side and left me with little personal time. While I still enjoy graphic design, the demands of my marketing role limited my creative pursuits.

I believe in constant growth and evolution of oneself, and this shift allows me to align my professional endeavours with my passion for creativity and personal expression. Thus, incorporating an intuitive creative practice like journaling, or drawing, helps my clients authentically express themselves during coaching sessions.

Additionally, I engage in content creation for heart-led and freedom-loving business owners. If this resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out and connect with me. I look forward to exploring how we can collaborate and contribute to your creative and purposeful journey.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Feedback from people I’ve worked with:

“Nelia you are one of the most beautiful and soulful women I've ever met and I love the way you weave in creativity, transformation and the inner journey. Working with you has reminded me that creativity is not just making art, but creativity is YOU from what you wear, to how you move through life and that's what I want! More conscious creation in living a vibrant life. Thank you for reawakening this part of me 💖” – Adrianna Jimenez

“I enjoyed my sessions with Nelia, they helped me to reconnect with myself, discover my dharma archetypes and add more creativity and joy in my life. Nelia is using variety of very insightful tools during the practice, is caring and made me feel very comfortable. If your soul seeks for inspiring guidance, give it a try!” – Inese Muceniece

“My coaching experience working with Nelia has been really amazing! I am a coach myself and I was looking for support in overcoming some resistance and limiting beliefs to take my business to the next level. I felt overwhelmed and lacked clarity in certain areas. Nelia helped me prioritize my health and regulation of my nervous system. She also helped organize my tasks on my journey of creating and launching my group coaching program so that I could proceed with my schedule empowered and with ease. She creates a safe and warm environment for whatever you need to share in the container. I always feel heard, seen, understood and supported, as well as motivated and encouraged to pursue my dreams on the path of my Soul's Purpose. Love working with Nelia and I'm so grateful to have her as my coach <3”Justyna Banach


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