Work with me to create a life you love.

Make your life a masterpiece.

As a life coach for the spirit and soul, I help women realize their soul's purpose, and to consciously create a vibrant life.

Here in my corner of the world, creativity is about YOU and how you move through life from what YOU choose to wear to the decisions YOU make with your finances, it is an expression of your unique identity. Like an artist wielding a brush, you paint your reality with hues of passion and curiosity, crafting a tapestry of experiences that reflect the essence of who YOU ARE!

The transformation takes work and courage.

As your coach I will hold you accountable to show up and take the steps to be self-empowered, so that you discover your greatness. I will provide guidance and tools through an insightful and creative process for your growth and a powerful life transformation.

✨ Realize that you have the freedom to live your best life

✨Find joy in being the best version of you

✨ Gain greater understanding and fulfillment


I offer a few programs and packages (scroll ↓ down to see) that are personalized to each individual, using life-changing dharma principles, tools and practices as I hold space for you to dream and think big. Working together to identify blocks, fears, limiting beliefs and gain clarity to maximize your personal and professional goals and desires. Below you can learn more about my one to one coaching services and program.

If you're ready to show up 100 percent for yourself and for a positive life transformation, I'm here to serve as a reminder that you have the freedom to create a life that you desire. You need to trust, and know that you will be guided and supported on your journey by me as your coach, the universe and your loving angels. Here's some of the benefits and shifts that can happen for you:  

Discover your gifts and talents

Greater self-compassion and self-trust

Connect and trust your intuition

Honour your inner wisdom and listen to your soul's whispers

Practice daily mindful habits with love and gratitude

Create healthy boundaries and experience more ease and joy

Become more curious and courageous in your life


It all starts with a conversation, a 30-minute discovery call done virtually. I will ask you a few of questions, we'll chat about your goals, desires and blocks you might be experiencing. It’s a great way to see if it’s a good fit, and in mutual alignment. From there we can discuss options that empower you, to create a life that truly sets your soul on fire and decide if this is right direction for us and move into one of my coaching programs; Energize your Chakras or Creatively Inspired coaching program.


Creatively Inspired Coaching :

Reawaken the vibrant part of you!

Weekly 60-Minute Sessions for 6 Weeks; virtually or in-person (if you're local). Learn more here.

Investment $1111 CAD*


90-min. Clarity Session

90-Minute virtual one to one session; I will guide you on your journey to clarity regarding an issue that you are experiencing in your life. Learn more here.

Investment $122 CAD*


Energize your soul through the chakras

Our body, mind, soul and spirit are deeply connected. When our chakras are in balance we feel energized and empowered to creating a life aligned with your soul’s purpose, and a more abundance. The world is ready for you to shine your magic.

60-Minute virtual one to one session; I will work with you to draw awareness to the blockage(s) and help you to bring balance back. Through a guided meditation we will explore each of the seven chakras, moving from the base of the spine—from the root chakra—up to the top of the head, the crown chakra, look at what creates imbalances and how you can balance the chakras.

Investment $88 CAD*

*Sometimes there needs to be a change in the price of services. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice.

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