Turn Your life into a Masterpiece

Are you a woman experiencing a change in your life?

Perhaps family dynamics are changing, your job is no longer exciting, and you’ve lost your focus. I help women believe that they are worthy of creating more joy, wealth and freedom in their life🔥.

I’ve been there, feeling unfulfilled with my career, longing for something more, with the freedom to be myself and enjoy life. I’m Nelia, a certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) Life Coach and I have been called to help and support women in the season of change to discover their soul’s calling, self worth and self love. You are a “Work of Art” let’s work together so that you can reveal your gifts that are fully aligned with your soul’s purpose and igniting the magic.

Creatively Inspiring & Guiding Goddesses to Ignite their Soul's Work

Every goddess is born with a unique soul purpose and when we show up from that place, we find more ease, abundance, joy, creativity, and love in our lives. A lot of limiting beliefs and conditioning has been passed down to us by our ancestors, families and society which holds us back as well. Let me guide you on the journey to self discovery. Using a holistic approach we go deep to improve your emotional and spiritual well-being incorporating meditation, breath work, creative techniques and other methodologies. Do this for yourself, because you deserve a life with more clarity and to fulfill your hearts desires.

The coaching journey involves discovering and aligning with your soul's purpose, integrating it into your personal brand, and leveraging your multi-passionate nature for holistic success in a heart-led and freedom-centric business approach.

“Creatively Inspired Coaching” is a program where I support you to create a life you love over several weeks.

Start by making yourself a priority with a free discovery call. The greatest investment you can make is in yourself.

Okay if you do nothing else I have a simple exercise for you to try

Stand in the "Wonder Woman" pose by standing tall with hands on your hips. How do you feel? This simple exercise should give you a confidence boost.

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